A問題 空所補充


Jeff didn’t accept the job offer because of the ( ) salary.

cheap inexpensive low weak



問2 Brenda went ( ) to get something to drink.

 at downstairs downstairs the downstairs to downstairs



問3 After I injured my elbow, I had to quit ( ) for my school’s badminton team.

playing to be playing to have played to play



問4 It’s ( ) my understanding why he decided to buy such an old car.

against behind beneath beyond



問5 Nicole ( ) novels for about seven years when she won the national novel contest.

had been writing has been writing has written is writing



問6 Our boss was sick at home, so we did ( ) we thought was needed to finish the project.

how that what which



問7 ( ) I didn’t notice it, but there was a huge spider in the bathroom.

At first Beginning Besides Firstly



問8 Rafael( A )a pair of swallows( B )a nest in the tree in front of the house. 15

 A:looked B:making  A:looked B:to make

 A:saw B:making  A:saw B:to make



問9 It( A )be long( B )the plum blossoms come out. They may even bloom this coming weekend. 16











問10 Melissa said she( A )rather go snowboarding next weekend( B )go ice-skating. 17

A:could B:than A:could B:to A:would B:than A:would B:to


B問題 整序問題


問1 Student: What are we going to do with the Australian students after

they arrive?

Teacher: The first night, we’ll have a barbecue by the river so that

you all ( )( )( )( )( )( )


can each get know other to



問2 Bridget: How was your basketball season last year?

Toshi: I ( )( )( )( )( )( ).

highest on scorer the second the team was



問3 Evan: I want to buy my first computer, but I don’t know which one I should get.

Sam: Don’t worry. Electronic stores always have experts available to give advice ( )( )( )( )( )( ) using computers.

aren’t familiar those to who with




次の問い(問1~3)の会話が最も適切なやりとりとなるように24 ~26 を埋めるには,どのように組み合わせればよいか,選べ。

答え方の例(ABA, BBA, BBBなど)



問1 Shelly: I can’t wait till next Tuesday.

Lisa: What’s happening next Tuesday?

Shelly: Don’t you remember? There’s going to be a jazz concert after school.

Lisa: Really? I thought it ( )


A) was going to be A) on Thursday, A) because I’m wrong.
B) was planning to be B) on Tuesday, B) but maybe I’m wrong.




Tomohiro: Hi, Casey. I’m glad you made it in time. Our flight’s scheduled to depart soon.

Casey: Thank you for telling me not to take the bus. I never thought the traffic would be so heavy at this time of day.

Tomohiro: I always check traffic and railroad conditions when I have a plane to catch.

Casey: You’re so helpful. 25


A) I wouldn’t have taken A) the bus A) with your suggestion.
B) I wouldn’t take B) the train B) without your suggestion.


16/16 最後の1問

問3 Hoang: The typhoon over the weekend was pretty strong, wasn’t it?

Nao: Yeah, and my club’s soccer match in Fukuoka Park was canceled.

Hoang: We can never predict what the weather will bring.

Nao: I agree. Did the typhoon also go through Shizuoka?

Hoang: Yes, it did. 26 I hope we get another chance to do it.


A) It’s because A) we didn’t cancel our trip to Mt. Fuji, A) fortunately.
B) That’s why B) we had to cancel our trip to Mt. Fuji, B) unfortunately.