問1 As I was looking through the newspaper, I came 8 a story about my hometown.

① across

② forward

③ along

④ up


問2 A foreign student sometimes does small jobs around the house 9 for his room and meals.

① by turns

② in turns

③ in return

④ in his turn


問3 If the weather 10 , I go jogging every day.

① permits

② is permitted

③ admits

④ is admitted


問4 My father 11 that we should go camping.

① invited

② talked

③ told

④ suggested


問5 I wish he would give me 12 about the college.

① an information

② some information
③ many informations

④ some more informations


問6 The boy screamed for help but couldn’t 13 .

① hear him

② make him heard

③ make himself hear

④ make himself heard


問7 These chairs are 14 . They are just not good enough.

① by all means satisfactory

② by no means satisfactory

③ not by some means satisfactory

④ not satisfied by all means


問8 It 15 she last went back to her country.

① has been over ten years after

② is less than ten years as

③ is more than ten years before

④ is over ten years since



A:  Japanese women in kimonos look very beautiful and graceful.

B:  Yes. Kimonos really do 16 them very well.

① suit

② resemble

③ agree

④ charm



A:  Would you like a cup of tea?

B:  Only if it’s not too much 17 .

① care

② labor

③ pain

④ trouble



A: Look at this old coin you have here.

B: It looks rather old, but I don’t know whether it’s 18 much.

① excellent

② worth

③ valuable

④ useful



A: Which do most foreign tourists prefer, Kyoto or Tokyo?

B: Well, they seem to prefer Kyoto, but they 19 like both cities.

① actively

② actually

③ exactly

④ particularly



A: It has suddenly got cold, hasn’t it?

B: Yes, but it’s been unusually warm so far. The rest of the winter is expected to be 20 .

① as cold as it is now

② as it is cold now

③ as it was cold then

④ as cold as it has been